The ‘Footlighters’ Section was formed in 1993 by the late Auriol Wright, a General Committee member, who became Secretary.

In 1996 Margaret Ford took over and has continued to make it a very successful part of the Club with visits to theatres all over East Anglia and London.

We currently have more than 70 members and this social theatre-goers section brings like-minded people together to enjoy a vast genre of theatrical performances. To join the Footlighters you must be a General Member of the Club with a yearly subscription of £7 plus an additional £2 to join the Footlighters.

The year’s programme is decided at the Footlighters A.G.M, usually held in January. An Annual Dinner also takes place.

To view our 2019 Footlighter's Annual Report please Click here.

For details of becoming a member, contact us.