A rich history

The Club’s origin goes back to the Central/Christchurch Old Scholars’ Association, which was formed in 1945 by the School’s Head Mistress, Christina B. Steeds and the then Head Girl, Almena Theobald.

When Christchurch Secondary Modern School for Girls in Bolton Lane, Ipswich was closed in 1961, it was decided by the Committee to form Christchurch Ladies’ Club in order that the Old Scholars Hockey and Netball teams would survive and continue. Whilst these teams provided the initial impetus for the forming of the Club, it has now expanded to cover a variety of social, as well as sporting activities.

Our Club badge is based on the original school badge minus the ship, Wolsey’s gate, the lamp and the open book of learning. Only the rampant lion was used, but with the right paw clenched.

The original School colours of navy blue, emerald green and white have remained.

As a matter interest, the Central and Christchurch Old Scholars’ Association have held a Reunion every year since 1945.